I am a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Roossinck’ lab at Penn State, where I study mycoviruses in White-nose syndrome (WNS) fungus, Pseudogymnoascus destructans. WNS is an emerging disease in North American hibernating bats that kills over 5 millions bats since it was first reported in 2006. The causal agent of the disease is reported to be a cold loving fungus Pseudogymnoascus destructans (Pd). However, it remains unclear how the fungus kills bats. We have found mycoviruses infecting Pd and want to understand if the mycoviruses play any roles in the disease development and biology of the fungus. I did my graduate work from Dr. Palmer’s lab at Oklahoma State coming all way from Nepal. I studied ecology of plant viruses under natural setting in my graduate study. I determined how host, location, and time influence distribution of plant viruses. I also studied phylogeny of novel secoviruses from natural system along with other members of secovirus from agricultural system. With all those experiences, my research objectives are now gearing to understand ecology of virus-host interactions in shaping host fitness, virulence and evolution under different systems.